Terms of service

Sin Margen is a service provided by Revista Voceros S.A.S, company legally registered in Colombia.

These are the terms under which we provide services to our customers. By choosing to work together we both agree to these terms.

1. General Terms

We both understand and promise not to hold a grunge if we're reminded of the following:

I) No one knows more about your business than you. You understand that you will need to make yourself available to us, to ask questions and provide data upon which we can base our design decisions.

II) We are your independent partner, and our relationship with you is not the same as the one you have with your employees.

III) You will always be asked for feedback on the work we do for you, and this feedback should be free of personal opinions. It will be expected of you to have a valid counter-argument for every change request you raise.

IV) We don’t expect you to know design when we ask for feedback — best leave the decisions about layout, spacing, colors, fonts, etc. to us — but ultimately you are in control and we’re going to ask you to make certain business decisions that will influencethe design.

The feedback that you provide should result in a productive discussion, and lead to an improved result. Consider this as bad feedback: "We need larger fonts"; consider this as a good feedback: "I'm afraid the font-size is a little small and lacks readability considering our primary demographic is 40-60 years old".

V) We always operate in your best interest, but our path to get to the desired results may differ from the one you would maybe take, and that's OK.

We will be wrong at times. That's OK too. It's a part of the learning process, and we will be constantly learning about you and your business. Aim to provide advice based on your domain knowledge that we can use to do our jobs better.

VI) Your failure to plan and conduct activities on your end, can not result in an urgency on our end.

VII) Best results come out of trusting, mutually-beneficial relationships.

2. How our service work

Sin Margen offers fix-priced graphic, user experience and interface design services. We are a team of freelancers where clients can A) subscribe to a monthly service for a monthly-recurring fee and request unlimited tasks to be completed, or B) ask us for a specific task to be completed wherein our fields of expertise.

The monhtly service works as follows:

I) Customer subscribes to the monthly fix-priced plan that best suits their needs.

II) Customer provides as many tasks as they see fit. Tasks will be completed one at a time.

III) Sin Margen delivers the task in the requested format and file type.

IV) Customer accepts the delivery and ask for another task and repeat.

The single job/task request work as follows:

I) Customer gets in touch with Sin Margen through their contact form in the contact page.

II) Customer specifies their requirements and Sin Margen makes sure to understand what Customer wants and needs.

III) Customer pays any amount between 40%-60% upfront of the total amount Sin Margen may charge for the job/task.

IV) Sin Margen gets the job done and show the client the final product. It could have multiple rounds of revisions.

V) Clients accepts the job and pay the remaining amount of money Sin Margen charged for the job.

3. Tasks

I) Required Information. Each task should consist of A) a detailed information/description of the task and B) electronic files, if any, required to complete the task (images, texts, etc...)

II) Grant of Limited Rights to Sin Margen. By submitting a task to Sin Margen, the customer gives us the rights to use the content solely to the extent necessary to complete the task.

III) Grant of Limited Rights to Sin Margen. Each customer authorizes Sin Margen to retain archival copies of all the content of the tasks that customer has submitted and to use such content in connection the our website and our business, including but no limited for promoting the Site in any media format and through any media channel.

4. Delivery to Customer

I) Turnaround time. When a task is requested, Sin Margen will deliver the task within the number of business days or days as specified on the customer's current plan. Each revision request will operate under the same process.

The turnaround time on each customer plan is related to the first delivery -or first draft) which can be the final version of the task or advances. Customers are aware that some tasks could take longer than others to be completed. Sin Margen will notify via email if any task could fit into that group.

II) Acceptance. When a task is complete, the customer will receive an email from us with the contents of the delivery available via one or more download links. A Task is considered 'accepted' by the customer A) when the customer advises us in writing, or B) if it is not declined in writing by the customer within 48 hours after notification of the delivery.

III) Files. When a task is accepted, Sin Margen will deliver all requested files and customers will have the opportuniy to request editable files. However, Sin Margen may retain archival copies of all delivery files that Sin Margen has created and retain the rights to use such content in connection with the website and our business, including but not limited for promoting the website in any media format and through any media channel.

IV) Dissatisfaction. If a customer is not satisfied with the delivery, the customer may ask for revisions and specify the reason they are declining the delivery (terms expressed in General Terms within this document).

Sin Margen will attempt to make modifications to make the delivery fit customer's reasonable expectations. Sin Margen will resubmit the revised delivery within the number of days customer's plan allows. A revised delivery that is not declined by the customer within 48 hours after being resubmitted, will be considered accepted by customer.

5. Our rights

I) Intellectual Property. We retain all rights to intellectual property of the content created.

II) Backups. Maintaining  safe and secure relationship with our customers is a must for us and we intend to back up and safeguard the contect submitted by customers using reasonable commercial efforts. However, we do not guarantee that there will not be loss of any content and we will no be liable in the event of such loss.

6. Unlimited and Fair Use Policy

The term 'unlimited' is subject to a Fair Use Clause. The definition of Fair Use Clause is determined by Sin Margen management, at its sole and exlusive discretion. Customers deemed to be abusing Sin Margen's service will be contact by the Sin Margen management. Sin Margen management retains the sole and absolute discretion to suspend service to customers if we deem necessary.

7. Termination & Cancellation

Cancellation can ocurr at anytime. You are never required or obliged to stay with us. In fact, we'd prefer you to have the option to leave if you are not happy with our service and hopelly give us feedback on how we can serve you better.

8. Fees and Refunds

You agree to pay the fees, in such amount and for such billing frequency as specified in our plans and full prior to any obligation of Sin Margen to perform under this Agreement. You further agree that, upon registering for the services through our website, you authorize Sin Margen -Revista Voceros S.A.S- to charge your method of payment (e.g. credit card) for the fee on each anniversary of your registration date, based upon the billing frequency of your plan.

Sin Margen may suspend the service for you in the event of non-payment of applicable fees. You represent and warrant to Sin Margen that such payment information is accurate and that you are authorized to use the payment instrument. You will notify us if you need to update your payment information.

You may cancel your subscription with Sin Margen at any time. Upon cancellation, you will continue to have access to our service through the edn of the then current month. Sin Margen may change its fees from time to time by posting the changes with 5 days' prior notice if you are working with us. No prior notice for general users.

Subscriptions automatically renew each month on the calenday day that they were created. Any cancellation requests must be made 5 days prior to the subscription renewing in order to avoid being charged.

Last updated: November 2017.

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