Terms of service

These are the terms under which we as Sin Margen provide services to our customers. By choosing to work together we both agree to these terms.

We both understand and promise not to hold a grunge if we're reminded of the following:

  1. No one knows more about your business than you. You understand that you will need to make yourself available to us, to ask questions and provide data upon which we can base our design decisions.
  2. We are your independent partner, and our relationship with you is not the same as the one you have with your employees.
  3. It's important to note that we can never care about your company or product as much as you do, and it would be wrong to ask this of us, or assume that we do.
  4. You will always be asked for feedback on the work we do for you, and this feedback should be free of personal opinions. It will be expected of you to have a valid counter-argument for every change request you raise.
  5. We don’t expect you to know design when we ask for feedback — best leave the decisions about layout, spacing, colors, fonts, etc. to us — but ultimately you are in control and we’re going to ask you to make certain business decisions that will influencethe design.
  6. The feedback that you provide should result in a productive discussion, and lead to an improved result. Consider this as bad feedback: "We need larger fonts"; consider this as a good feedback: "I'm afraid the font-size is a little small and lacks readability considering our primary demographic is 40-60 years old".
  7. We always operate in your best interest, but our path to get to the desired results may differ from the one you would maybe take, and that's OK.
  8. We will be wrong at times. That's OK too. It's a part of the learning process, and we will be constantly learning about you and your business. Aim to provide advice based on your domain knowledge that we can use to do our jobs better.
  9. Your failure to plan and conduct activities on your end, can not result in an urgency on our end. Producing work on a short notice will yield passable results at best, and should not become a regular occurrence.
  10. No deadlines on Fridays.
  11. Best results come out of trusting, mutually-beneficial relationships.

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